How to Fix VMware Internal Error

VMware is a handy software to run multiple operating systems in a machine without affecting the current OS. Usually, it’s used to run Linux side by side with Windows OS. It comes in paid and free versions like VMware Workstation and VMware Player. Sometimes, when you try to launch the program, it shows an error that says, “VMware internal error.” Since it happens abruptly, you are unable to run VMware. If you encounter this error, don’t take it too seriously. It’s easy to fix by applying various handy methods. I have listed here all of them. Check my list to fix this error quickly.

Method # 1: Start VMware with Admin Privilege

First trick you should apply is to start this software with admin rights. The VMware Authorization process allows a non-administrator person to create a virtual machine. So, if you get this error, start VMware with Admin privilege. Follow the steps here in this context.

  • Go to the VMware in Windows.
  • Right-click to it and select “Run as Administrator” to run with admin privilege.
  • See if it gets you rid of this error.

Method # 2: Restart VMware Services

Another trick to fix this error is to restart all VMware services. First, you will stop them by using the Command Prompt. Then restart them by using the same cmd window. Follow the steps below.

Press “Windows + R” keys to launch the Run dialogue box. Type here “cmd” to open the command prompt window.

Command Prompt

  • Here, type the following commands. Make sure; you press Enter after every command.

NET STOP “VMware Authorization Service”

NET STOP “VMware DHCP Service”

NET STOP “VMware NAT Service”

NET STOP “VMware USB Arbitration Service”

taskkill /im vmware-tray.exe /f

taskkill /im vmware-tray.exe /f

  • When you enter these commands one by one, you will get the confirmation messages that you have successfully stopped the relevant VMware services.
  • Now, restart them by typing the commands below. Press Enter after every command.

NET START “VMware Authorization Service”

NET START “VMware DHCP Service”

NET START “VMware NAT Service”

NET START “VMware USB Arbitration Service”

START C:\Progra~2\VMware\VMWARE~1\vmware-tray.exe

START C:\Progra~2\VMware\VMWARE~1\vmware-tray.exe

  • After every command, you will see the confirmation message that the relevant VMware service has been restarted.
  • Now, open the VMware to check whether it works fine. You won’t get the error message again.

Method # 3: Run VMware Service with Admin Rights

Another way to fix this error is to run all the VMware services with administrator rights. It will surely get you rid of this error. Follow the steps below to perform this action.

  • Press “Windows key + R” to launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Now, type here “services.msc” and press Enter.
  • In the Services, look for VMware Authorization Service.
  • When you get it, right-click to it and select “Properties” from here.
  • Here, set the “Startup Type” as “Automatic.”

Automatic Startup of VMware

  • Close the Authorization service and run the VMware again to see whether the error is fixed.

Method # 4: Re-install VMware

If you still have the error message, the better is to re-install VMware software. It will remove this error permanently. Don’t re-install simply, but with the “Repair” option. Follow the steps below to re-install VMware.

  • Type “Control Panel” in the search bar. When it appears, click to it to launch Control Panel.
  • Here, select the category “Uninstall a Program.”

Control Panel menu

  • Now, go to the VMware software. Right-click to it and select “Re-install with Repair” from the context menu.
  • It will re-install it with the repair option.

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