And is it served in a powder blue box?  And the cost?…if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Tiffany & Co., originally of New York City, is the exclusive provider of jewlery and other high-priced knick-knacks to those with a certain flair and fairly deep pockets.

Tiffany’s has been serving this market ever since their opening, in lower Manhattan in 1837.  You can read about their early history in Tiffany’s Wikipedia entry. 

But they didn’t make the newspapers of the day until a few years later (at least as far as I could find!). 

Tiffany’s (which was originally known as Tiffany, Young and Ellis) offered up its eclectic collection in time for the holidays in 1841, and has a FirstMention on December 27, 1841 in one of my favorite old newspapers, the Brooklyn Eagle.

Things change.  A few decades later, in 1891, Tiffany’s holiday ad showed off a new company name, a new location further uptown, and quite an emphasis on the sparkly stuff.

My supply of Chatelaines and Brooches is adequate, thank you, but if anyone wants to spot me a nice Tiffany watch, you know where to find me.