How to fix “System 53 Error has Occurred” Error on Windows?

Occasionally, you are unable to connect your PC to a network and you encounter an error “System 53 Error has occurred.” This issue usually occurs in the older Operating Systems. Well, there may be several reasons behind this error. Here, I am discussing the causes and fixes of this error.

Method # 1: Incorrect Share Command

When you try to connect with a network, you may be using an incorrect share command. Due to this, you may encounter this error. Use the correct share command to fix the error. The correct method of sharing is as below.

  • Press “Windows key + R” to launch the “Run” dialog box.
  • Type “cmd” and press “Enter” to open Command Prompt.
  • Now add the network by using the following format and press Enter.

“net use F: \\server\share name”

Command Prompt

  • Try again to connect to the network. This time, you will not see the error.

Method # 2: Disable Antivirus Software

If you are using a non-Microsoft antivirus program, it may show the network as an error. If the above method doesn’t work, disable the antivirus program and reboot your system to apply changes.

  • Right-click to the antivirus software’s icon and select “Disable” to turn it off for a few hours.
  • Reboot the system and check whether it has fixed the error.

Method # 3: Enable Sharing

Sometimes, you encounter this error because the sharing network option is disabled in your system. To enable this option to follow the steps here.

  • Press “Windows key + R” to open the Run dialog box. Type here “control panel” and press “Enter.”
  • In the Control Panel, click “Network and Internet Settings.”

Control Panel menu

  • Here, select “Network and Sharing Center.”

Network Sharing options

  • Now, you will see the option “Change Advanced Sharing Settings” in the left pane. Click this option to open these settings.

Advanced settings for network

  • Here, click all dropdown options and check “Turn on Network Discovery” and “Turn on Printer and File Sharing” option.

Check advanced network options

  • Click “Apply” to apply your preferred settings and close the Control Panel.
  • Now reboot the system to apply changes and check the network again.

Method # 4: Check System in Safe Mode

If none of the above-given solutions work, check the computer in safe mode. Follow the instructions here.

  • Reboot the system and keep pressing “F8” continuously.
  • When the boot options appear on the screen, select “Advanced Boot Options” by using the up and down arrow keys.
  • Select “Safe Mode with Networking” from here and wait until the computer starts in a safe mode.
  • Now, you can check whether you are facing the same error in Safe Mode. If it doesn’t appear in this mode, it means there is an app running in the background and it’s causing this issue.

Method # 5: Disable Apps

Sometimes, you encounter this error if you have recently installed an app, disable it or uninstall it. It may be causing this error. Follow the instructions here to disable it.

  • Go to the destination folder where you have saved the recently installed apps.
  • Right-click the app and select the “Disable” option from the context menu.
  • If you don’t need that app, uninstall it for the safety of your system.

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