Sherlock Holmes


When did Sherlock Holmes have his FirstMention? Elementary, my dear Watson. It was late in 1887, in a magazine called Beeton’s Christmas Annual, which is now regarded as quite possibly the most valuable magazine in existence.
If there’s a copy in your grandmother’s attic…grab it!

It wasn’t until February 1890, though, that Sherlock Holmes and the intrepid Watson came to the attention of a widespread audience in Lippincott’s Monthly, in a story called The Sign of the Four.

The opening paragraphs are a bit of a shock (more so in 1890 than now, I would guess) as it introduces us, quite graphically, to the good detective’s drug habit.

The narrator is Watson, who goes on to inform us that Holmes is partial to cocaine and morphine, and is injecting a mere three times a day!


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