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The FirstMention of the phrase search engine dates back to 1986 and no, it wasn’t from the founders of Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Lycos, or any of their Silicon Valley cronies.

Actually, there were two FirstMentions from 1986, and they both stem from the Patent Office, in one way or the other.

The first FirstMention goes to Advanced Micro Devices for a patent with an original application date of May 7, 1986.

The second FirstMention belongs not to a patent, but to the Patent Office itself, for its innovations in data management and retreival, as written up in PC Week magazine on July 8, 1986.

Patented Method

…When workers search for patents using the new system, they will be using “smart terminals,” which will search through an index in the department’s IBM mainframe, looking for key words and key phrases that fit the patent in question.

“Once they find the label and index pointing to the actual files containing the information they’re looking for, the process returns to a search engine that goes out to the distributed optical database,” Wolfson said.

“Each compressed, stored image that’s close to the patent in question, including text, drawings and the first page of the patent document, is pulled back to the user’s screen within 10 seconds after he’s made the request.”

PC Week July 8, 1986

Ten seconds!!!! That’s, like, an eternity, man. Talk about the Dark Ages.

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