Oprah Winfrey


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Every now and then, usually when I’m sick and at home, I’ll watch Oprah in the afternoon. She’s my best friend, and whatever’s ailing me, I know that there are folks out there who have had things a lot tougher, and who have overcome.

Oprah makes me feel better.

Her bio says started her television career as a news anchor in Nashville, sometime before moving to Baltimore in 1976. So I’m pretty sure there are some press mentions of Ms. Winfrey that predate 1979.

However, the FirstMention of Oprah Winfrey that I’ve come across (so far) is this August 3, 1979 article in The Capitol newpaper out of Annapolis, about an upcoming anti-drug rally.

Oprah’s ability to move an audience was clearly in evidence even then, because the same paper ran a letter to the editor a few days later, on August 11, that mentions Oprah’s appearance at the rally.

Anyone know of an earlier mention of Ms. Winfrey’s wonderful work? Please drop me line at david@firstmention.com


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