How to Fix Network Error Connection Refused on Putty

PuTTY is open-source software for terminal emulation, serial console, and network file sharing. You can use it without paying subscription fees. Currently, many users reported that they encounter an error “Network Error Connection Refused” while they were trying to connect on PuTTY. Here, I am discussing all possible reasons that trigger this error and also their solutions. So, let’s move to the guide to know the reasons and fixes.

Method # 1: Contact the Network Administrator

If you are unable to establish this connection, you should contact the system administrator. He may change some router permissions to establish your connection. There may be router permission that’s interrupting your device’s connection to PuTTY. So, contact to the system administrator and ask him regarding this issue.

Method # 2: Correct IP Address

Make sure; you have provided the correct IP address. The reason behind this error may be an invalid Raspberry Pi One IP address. To identify the correct IP Address, you need to download an advanced IP Scanner. Download it from Here. It’s a free tool and you can use it to detect the correct IP Address.

  • When it’s installed, open the tool and select the “Scan” option.

Advanced Scanner Tool

  • It will start scanning instantly.
  • If there is a “RaspberryPi” connection in the scan results, click to it.

If you see no connection by this name, follow the steps below:

  • Press “Windows key + R” to open Run dialogue box.
  • Type here “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.

Network Connection

  • Press “Shift and select “LAN” and “WiFi” connections.
  • From the context menu, select “Bridge Connections” to establish a bridge.

Note: If it displays an error, right-click to WiFi and select “Properties” from the context menu. Select “Sharing” and uncheck both options.

  • Now, the bridge connection is established. Open the Advanced IP Scanner again and select “Scan.”
  • You will see the “RaspberryPi” connection on the list. Copy the IP address from the list and put it in the “Host Name” to configure PuTTY connection.
  • Select “Open” and check if you have fixed the error.

Method # 3: Execute the CLI Command

You may get this error in RaspberryPi connection process due to a configuration error. It prevents you from using the ssh command to establish a connection. So, use the following command to establish a connection.

$ sudo rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*&&sudo dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

Method # 4: Disable Firewall

Sometimes, the built-in Firewall also interrupts your effort for establishing a connection on PuTTY. To fix this error, you should disable the Windows Firewall. Follow the steps below in this context.

  • Right-click to the “Start” and select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Select the “Update & Security” category from here.

Settings menu

  • Click “Windows Security.”
  • Here, select “Firewall” and from the right pane, click “Firewall Off” to disable Firewall.

Windows Security Category

  • Now try to establish the connection again.

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