How to Fix Keyboard Typing Numbers Instead of Letters

Some keyboards have been designed with the same button functioning for letter and number. When you press them without using the Fn key, they will type letters. Otherwise, they will type numbers. Sometimes, it happens that when you want to type a letter, it will type the numbers. Apparently, there is no fault in the keyboard, but you are unable to type letters by pressing the keys. Here, I am discussing this error and the fixes you can apply for it.

Reasons for the Error

As you know some keyboards like Lenovo Thinkpad keyboard minimizes the space and size and holds the numeric and alphabetic keys together. So, when you want to type a number, you will keep pressing the Alt or Fn key. If you are typing a letter and the keyboard types a number, the num lock may be enabled. So, the system starts typing numbers. At such a keyboard, the users don’t know how to switch off the num lock. Because it’s a bit complicated task. The situation becomes more serious when the num lock doesn’t function.

Well, it’s not a serious situation. You can fix this error by applying various methods. Here, I have discussed all the ways you can apply to fix this problem permanently. Check our methods below and apply them one after the other to fix this error.

Method #1: Turn off Num Lock from Laptop Keyboard

It’s a very simple method. Follow the steps below to use this method.

Num Lock error

  • You will see the Num Lock key on the keyboard.
  • Press “Fn” and select Num Lock” to disable it.
  • Now, type, you will see the letters instead of numbers.

Method # 2: Turn off Num Lock via Windows On-screen Keyboard

If the Num Lock on the keyboard is not working, use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard for this purpose. Follow the steps below in this context.

  • Press “Windows key/Start key + R” to launch the Run dialogue box.
  • Type here “osk” and press Enter. It will display the On-screen Keyboard.
  • If the Num lock is on, it will show the num pad on the screen.

Num Lock enabled

  • Click “Options” and uncheck the “Turn on numeric keypad” option.

Numeric Keypad disabled

  • Click “OK” and see if the Num lock is turned off.

Method # 3: Use an External Keyboard to Turn off Num Lock

If the error persists, you can use an external keyboard to turn off the Num lock. Follow the steps below in this context.

  • Connect an external keyboard with your computer/laptop
  • Install this new hardware.
  • If the num lock is on, the external keyboard will display a num lock light that will be on too.
  • Hit the “Num Lock” key on the external keyboard. It will be turned off.
  • Unplug the external keyboard now.

Method # 4: Scan Computer for Virus

Sometimes, there may be a virus that shows this problem. So, don’t forget to scan your computer to detect and remove the virus. If you are using a 3rd party antivirus program, run Scan from it. Otherwise, use Windows Defender and run “Scan” to get rid of the virus.

Method # 5: Use a Third-Party Tool To Repair Files

It may be due to damaged or corrupted Windows files. So, repair the corrupted file by using a third-party tool known as Restoro Repair.

Once you download the tool, run it to detect and repair the damaged file automatically. The process doesn’t take much time.

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