Jesse James


Jesse James, outlaw.

He somehow evokes the Wild West, even though he didn’t generally venture much beyond Missouri, where he was born in 1847, and where he died in 1882. In between, he was as notrious as all get out, as both an outlaw and rebel.

Jesse came to broad attention, along with his brother Frank, with this FirstMention, the offer of a sizable $1,000 reward (each!) for either or both of the James brothers. It was announced in the Sedalia, Missouri Daily Democrat of October 15, 1873.

The headline’s pretty dramatic, though not the clearest of images.

Jesse came to a bad end, of course. But for the details, you’ll just have to see the movie.

News Flash!

Hold on there, pardner. Turns out there’s an earlier FirstMention for the James boys that turned up with a bit more digging. It comes from the December 17, 1869 issue of the Liberty Tribune in Missouri, and it’s a doozy.

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