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Ms. Hillary Might-Be-The-Next-President Clinton got off to a demure-enough start with her FirstMention. She was noted in the May 25, 1969 Hartford (CT) Courant, under her maiden name, Hillary Rodham, well before she settled down with Bill.

It was a small note, but hey, a first mention is a FirstMention.

A few weeks later, she was back in the news, this time, with a bit more of a splash and, some may say, in a manner more characteristic of the Hillary Rodham Clinton we have all come to know so well.

Seems that Ms. Rodham was a speaker at her college graduation at Wellesley, and took issue with the let’s-not-make-waves tone (remember, this was 1969) of the keynote speaker, US Senator Edward Brooke.

Is that really a 21-year old Hillary Rodham?

Here’s a better look.

I think it’s fair to say, she never looked back from that moment.


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