David Sarokin


Who’s David Sarokin, you may ask? Why…that’s me. And just like all the other <<ahem>> famous people listed here, I had my own FirstMention, back in the July 4, 1975 edition of the New York Times.

Back then, a fellow named Harold Geneen was the chairman of the big (though they seem to have shrunken as of late) international conglomerate, ITT Corp. Mr. Geneen had written an article in the Times extolling the virutes of industrialized agriculture and its ability to feed the world.

I was a precocious student at the time, studying energy inputs into agricultural systems, and beginning to worry about how much oil our food system was gobbling up. I fired off a rebuttal to the Times, who saw fit to publish it. My mother was so delighted.

They even gave me a drawing to go with it!

If you’re interested in seeing a readable version, well, here it is.

I wonder if Harold ever read it?
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