How to Fix Amazon Error Code 9074

Sometimes, you encounter error code 9074 while streaming content on Amazon. It usually happens when you stream content on the Roku device from Amazon Prime Video. Well, the issue can be resolved if you know the actual reason. Here, I am discussing the factors and the solutions of Amazon error code 9074.

Method # 1: Check the Server Outage

Occasionally, you get this error because the server is suffering from an outage. It may be due to regular maintenance or some technical issue. Some online resources come with a free service to check server outage. In this context, click here to check the server outage.

Server Outage

Method # 2: Reboot System

Some issues are resolved with a simple reboot. If you encounter this error code, reboot your system and open the same content on the same device again. It will surely fix this error for the majority of people. Follow the instructions here to reboot the system.

  • Turn off the router, Roku device, and TV.
  • Remove the power outlet from every device.
  • Keep pressing the power button for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Now, plug in the power outlet to the router, Roku and TV and turn them on.

This time, you won’t encounter Amazon Error Code 9074.

Method # 3: Check Your Amazon Prime Video Account

If you are again facing the same error, it means there may be some problem with your Amazon Prime account. Check your account’s status to know whether it’s working or not. Let me remind you that Amazon Prime Video isn’t a free service. You can access it by paying annual or monthly subscription fees.

Make sure; your Amazon Prime Video account is working and your subscription period is still valid. Check the account by using link. Also, check the subscription duration to know whether it’s expired or still valid.

Method # 4: Check Minimum Requirements for Device

Don’t ignore the minimum requirements for the device if you are creating Amazon Prime Video account for the very first time. Check the requirements given below.

Operating System

  • Windows 7 or above
  • Mac 10.7 or Above
  • Linux/UNIX OS

Internet Connection

reconnect your network

  • 900 Kbits/sec for SD video
  • 5 Mbits/sec for HD video

Web Browser

Latest version of browser

  • Google Chrome v59 or above
  • Mozilla Firefox v53 or above
  • Internet Explorer v11 or above
  • Microsoft Edge (Win 10)
  • Apple Safari v10 or above
  • Opera v37 or above

Method # 5: Check Microsoft Silverlight

In some cases, all the above requirements are adequate and you are using the latest browser and OS. Still, the users encounter the Amazon Error Code 9074 message. It may be due to the lack of support for HTML5. Older PCs play videos by using Microsoft Silverlight because they don’t support HTML5. Microsoft Silverlight frequently displays this error while streaming videos. However, fixing this issue isn’t a difficult task. Follow the steps here to fix it.

Silverlight for Amazon Prime Video

  • Open the browser. Right-click the video window and select Silverlight from here.
  • Click “Application Storage” in it.
  • Check the “Enable application storage” option.
  • Look for the entry in the website column. Once you get it, select and delete it from the column. Now, it won’t create this error again.

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